Town Twinning

Chorgemeinschaft 1919

Wokingham has been twinned with Erftstadt, near Cologne, in Germany since 1977 and with Viry Chatillon, near Paris, since 1988. The Cameo Singers has been involved with Wokingham’s twin towns since May 1985 when the choir paid its first visit to Erftstadt in Germany, as the guests of their choir, theChorgemeinschaft 1919. Since then four repeat visits have taken place. Cameo have also twice visited with Viry Chorales, part of the choral movement A Coeur Joie, the choir of Viry Chatillon, the French town which makes up the twinning trilogy. Each trip usually consists of a joint concert and a social event with some informal singing, and some sightseeing if there‘s time!.

Viry Chorales

Cameo Singers has hosted visits from Chorgemeinschaft in 1986,  both choirs in 1998,  and in 2000, Viry Chorales joined the Cameo Singers in a weekend celebration to mark our 50th anniversary.

In September 2002 Cameo Singers was invited to Erftstadt to take part in the official reaffirmation of the twinning charter on the 25th anniversary, and in June 2003 the choir visited Viry Chatillon, along with the Chorgemeinschaft, to mark the 15th anniversary of twinning with the French town.

On May 21st/22nd 2005 Cameo Singers will againhost both choirs for a celebration of European choral singing!


River Erft

Erftstadt is located in the south-west of Cologne (20 km) next to the national park of Kottenforst-Ville, a very attractive and well loved area.  The river Erft gave its name to the new founded town that was established by the cooperation of Lechenich, Friesheim, Gymnich and Liblar which had previously been autonomous villages. The small river flows through the town area coming from the southern part of Erftstadt/Bliesheim and flowing between the two bigger parts of the town - Lechenich and Liblar -until it reaches Gymnich in the north.

Gracht Castle, Lechenich

There are many castles and palaces - the best known are the castle of Lechenich, Gracht-castle and the moated castle of Gymnich, which was used many years as a residence where the guests of the government resided.

Erftstadt has a complete infrastructure, a good housing quality and a healthy environment. The population of Erftstadt is ever growing, with currently more than 50,000 inhabitants. People from the big cities like to settle down here because Erftstadt offers a varied landscape, many footpaths for hiking and biking and lakes for swimming, sailing and fishing.

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Viry Chatillon

Viry Chatillon Windmill

Viry Chatillon lies  approximately 20 km south of of Paris with a population of around 40,000. The town offers many advantages including an historic town centre, beautiful parks and generous leisure and sport amenities. Its is conveniently placed for access to Paris with its excellent road and public transport facilities.

See further information on Town Twinning website.

More Town Twinning

For more information on Town Twinning activities between the three towns, please visit the Wokingham Town Twinning Association website.